Tip # 1
Understand that a cure exists, you need to be mentally prepared for this task . Many people think that obesity is a sickness. Really it's just a problem like any other problem. It is about being more aware of the quantity and the quality of each ingredient that you incorporate into your everyday meals.
Tip # 2
Attack it from multiple angles. Start with the quantity and ingredients that you eat, then you can implement some exercise. Any legitimate weight loss program is based on this principal. It's just like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, but this will change your life FOREVER. How programs lead you to success is what makes them different.
Tip # 3
You must follow every step of the program. Do you think at the Ford manufacturing plant, they can leave out some parts in the assembly line, of course not. You will get no benefit from only following a couple steps in the program. So whatever program you choose make sure you follow it completely. The best programs understand the problem of weightloss and poor nutrition and will guide you through the steps